Dramatis personæ

Tiberius Fuller - The Magus Tiberius from the "Tales of Tiberius".

Relatives of Tiberius

General Julian Fuller (Father)  AKA "Fire Axe Fuller" Hero of the Northern Witch Wars.  Commander of the Sherwood City Militia. (Part time post as this is a Militia unit)  Runs a noted Print shop. "Fuller and Sons."

Mrs. Gretel Fuller (Mom)  Mother of Tiberius Fuller.  Artist.  Met her husband during the Witch war.

Marcus Fuller (Brother) Oldest son of Julian and Gretel Fuller. Served briefly in Army and is active in the Sherwood City Militia.  Runs the family print shop with his father.

Miss Maci Okubo - Daughter of Michael and Min Okubo.  God-sister to Tiberius Fuller. 

Mr. Michael Okubo- Godfather of Tiberius, father of Maci Okubo and husband to Min Okubo.  Friend of Julian Fuller.  Served in the 442nd Infantry Regiment in WWII.  Washed up in the Anderheim when returning to the United States to recover from a serious wound (his ship was torpedoed).  Skilled martial artist.  Runs an archery shop.  Rumored to occasionally work for the Government.

Mrs. Min Okubo: AKA "Aunt Min" Wife of Michael Okubo and Mother to Maci Okubo.  A Korean dancer who has lived in the Anderheim all her life.

Alfaran (Elves)

Lord Gillyian Timmeras – Alfaran “Lord” known to report directly to the King of the Elves and not to any local officials. Assigned to keep an eye on a young Tiberius Fuller owing to a prophecy. More recently acts as a King's representative 'at large' in the region.

Salina – Respected Alfaran prophet, romantically involved with Tiberius Fuller. Relationship is severely strained by Salina's duties to the Alfaran government, but they are personally good friends.

Lunara – Salina's handmaid, friend and companion.

Evenor – Salina's physic (i.e. Physician)

The Magi

Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar – Traditionally, the original three Magi of the Bible.

Ian Spencer – Apprentice of Dallen and classmate of Tiberius.

Kristine Greentree – Assistant and eventual wife of Singh Greentree. Orphaned at an early age, she was raised in a large farming household by a cousin. Accomplished cook.

Singh Greentree – Brilliant Magus noted mostly for theoretical work. Graduated just ahead of Tiberius. Well known for his scientific research on farming.

Jedediah Dallen AKA “Dallen” - Famous Magus, noted for his construction and use of magical devices. Hero of the Northern Witch Wars. Primary instructor of Tiberius.

Russell “Russ” Smyth – Apprentice of Dallen, son of a jeweler. Share's Dallen's interest in constructing magic devices. Resides in Port Elizabeth.

Tanyia Lee – Magus that lives in Novillium. Rumored to be a romantic associate of Dallen.

Mesura Brown – Magus and master of the healing arts. Runs St. John's hospital in Wallsingham.

Cornelius – Dallen's predecessor and instructor. Presumed deceased. Noted for his interest in astronomy.

Notable Dragons 

Barcharosias The Dragon. Evil Dragon Warlock. Fears only Dallen and a prophesy that he will duel a Magus named “Tiberius.”

Dontrumbull, Another Dragon Warlock, a competitor of Barcharosias. Famed among dragons for his innovative financial theories. Prefers corporate raiding to the more traditional sort. While it is unwise to stand between him and Gold he is not otherwise known to be hostile.


Mrs. Grace Taylor – Tutor to Maci Okubo during her college years.

Beth SaundersClassmate of Tiberius at Queen's College

Paul Roberts – Classmate of Tiberius at Queen's College

Notable Military personnel 

Darras “The Hammer” Walker – Military Commander and friend of Tiberius. Former National Jousting Champion.

Lord Stephan Morris – Officer in the Third Calvary. Rival of Lord Darras

Sir Gregory Brown – Friend of Stephan. Accomplished warrior with the Third Calvary.

Transients (notable visitors from the 'old world' to the Anderheim)

Mr. Edward Johnson – Psychologist, Uncle to Tiffany Clarke

Sarah Johnson - daughter of Edward Johnson, nine years old at the time of the Secret of Santa Clause incident

Timmy Johnson – son of Edward Johnson, eleven years old at the time of the Secret of Santa Clause incident

Tiffany Clarke – Award winning high school science student now attending Sampson University on full scholarship. Friend of Maci Okubo, who she met in the “Lord of the Dinosaurs” incident. Niece of Edward Johnson. Went to High School in Cincinnati

Doctor Charles Lucas – World renowned paleontologist and physician (specialist in physiatry). Professor at Sampson University. Rumored to be working on prosthetics.

Ronald Zachary Foster – Award winning high school science student

Brad Thomas – Award winning high school science student

Allen Ryan – Instructor at Samson University. Geologist.

Meagan Garcia – Award winning high school science student

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