The pictures of Fred were done by a professional illustrator, Theresa Flaherty.I believe she will draw pictures of any elves you know too.You can reach her at


Friends links. Links I have some association with:


Dawn Eden runs an excellent and interesting Blog site.


I'm a member of "The Dragon Awards" committee. A unique award for professional magicians. I'm the ghost in the photo by the way, posing with Mom and Dad


This is the National Society of the Society of American Magicians.I was President of the New York City Chapter, PA#1.


The New York City Chesterton Society.


Reference links.I donít know these people from Adam, but their websites have provided useful and helpful information for my writings.

Colonial Coins:


If I want to learn about pre-industrial technology, a great place for it is the Old Sturbridge Village living history museum.


The Map of the Border lands was prepared with Campaign Cartographer 3


Wrong page?

This is the web page of the "Tales of Tiberius" i.e. Doctor Tiberius Fuller, Magus.

If you are looking for "Tiberius Tales" about a cute white mouse, you are on the wrong page.(Sigh, always someone with a similar name).††† Try this:

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