Other writings by Richard J. Stuart


Published Fiction:


Stuart, Richard J. "The Plowshares." Aboriginal Science Fiction Winter 1993: 92-96. Print.


Sort of Published Fiction:


The first "Tales of Tiberius" story, "The Virgin and the Necromancer" was accepted for publication by Celtic Rose Publications and was to have been published July 20, 2004.  Unfortunately due to the illness of the owners, Celtic Rose went out of business that year, just after I handed in the galleys.  No worries, the book will be published and better than ever for the wait.  If anyone knows what happened to the galleys though, please contact me. 




"The Naval War of 1812 in Three-and-a-half ships" by Richard J. Stuart in the News-Letter of the National Society of the United States Daughters of 1812, February 2011, Volume 88 number 1


Staff writer for Prentice Halls Tax publication division for about six years.  I wrote head notes for legal books and also articles on tax law.  That doesn't make me a tax genius.  What I did was read through tax law cases and if someone won a case vs the IRS we would write a synopsis of the case to bring it to the attention of financial professionals.  


Puiblic Speaking: 

I have given speeches on "Washington's Army," "Our Air Force," "The Naval war of 1812" and "The Weapons of 1812" for the DAR, and the Daughters of 1812.  I also gave at talk on Tea for Sorosis (Sorosis is the first professional woman's club in the United States).   My fiction writings are historical fiction, just not very historical. 



Plays?  Yes I've written one play, it was sort of an experiment.  It's never had any sort of reading or performance, but professional actors have read it and liked it.  It's called "Monsters and Mobsters: Bad Hootch" 



Project Intrepid: Enter the Exiles, working title.  A contemporary espionage novel.  Yes, I'm still working on it, but I'm working on getting Tales of Tiberius published since that novel is actually finished.  I do want to finish this as some of my friends just don't get 'Elves' and magic. 


There are wild rumors that I am working on a science fiction comedy and that other serious science fiction stories may be published one day.  Threat this as a wild  unreliable rumor for now.



The first novel I wrote was called "Silent Starlight"  It was straight science fiction.  It would need a lot of work before I'd be willing to release it to the public today.