Fred: Welcome back to Interviews with Fred the Elfling. Today we're pleased to have a few words with Marcus Fuller, brother to the famous Tiberius Fuller of “Tales of Tiberius” fame. Nice to talk with you Marcus.

Marcus: Not at all, always glad to help out a fellow publisher.

Fred: Yes, about that. Your brother is, arguably, the most dangerous man in the world. Your God sister is some sort of Ninja Assassin, and a print shop? How does that work exactly?

Marcus: Really nothing so odd about that. It's typically the older son who inherits the family business while the younger son goes off to seek fame and glory. Usually they wind up dead. Ti was lucky. Well, he is a Fuller after all. Darras is a younger son too. His older brother just runs the family Vineyards.

Fred: But you don't secretly shoot death rays out of your eyes or anything?

Marcus: If I did and I told you about it it wouldn't be a secret would it? But seriously I'm not a weakling, I've just never gone through the sort of intense training that my brother and sister have. I did do a brief stint in the military and I'm an officer in the local militia. I keep thinking I ought to try and catch up a bit to Ti at least in how to handle a quarterstaff. I used to be able to beat him you know. My Uncle would teach me, but somehow I just never have the time.

Fred: You have kids, right? Can we expect great things from them?

Marcus: Sure, but what great things, that I can't say. They're still young.

Fred: Tiberius has a lot of enemies. Doesn't it worry you that some of those enemies might want to take revenge by killing or kidnapping members of his family? You being the family.

Marcus: It's always been a concern, and we have taken precautions. I'm not at liberty to discuss the exact nature of those precautions. I will note that, fortunately, that's been more a concern than an actual problem. Someone did try and kidnap Maci one time.

Fred: Maci? That couldn't have gone well. Of all the people in your family they could have picked...

Marcus: Seemed like a good idea, she was about sixteen at the time and looked like such a nice small sweet innocent girl. Messura showed up pretty quick to rescue the kidnappers. Word got around about that and I think it's put some of his enemies off the idea. You've got to remember too that we live just down the block from Dallen's estate. People who want to hurt Tiberius or his family care about that. Ti's still building his reputation. Dallen is already someone they know. Whether he's around or not, no one wants to come anywhere near his home.

Fred: There is a rumor that you were responsible for the “Tales of Tiberius” being published. Any truth to that?

Marcus: Tiberius said something about that. We've always kept in contact and he writes to me about some of his adventures. Apparently some writer/editor back in the old world developed some sort of psychic link with Tiberius.  He was able to sort of tap into those letters and write them out so that folks in the old world had some accounts of his adventures. His letters to me were the original source material for “The Tales of Tiberius.” At least the old world versions of the stories.  Pity we couldn't get a piece of the publishing action back in the old world, but I've got the local rights at least. Fair is fair, it's not like I'm going to pay royalties to the New York publishers for the stuff I reprint.

Fred: Isn't it illegal to publish old world books containing descriptions of banned technologies in the stewardship?

Marcus: Yes and I'm shocked, shocked that you would think that a respectable printing firm like Fuller and Sons would ever stoop to those cheep money making tactics. I realize that every other printing house in the Stewardship reprints old world books filled with flying machines and race cars as Jules Verne science fiction adventures. But a respectable firm like Fuller and Sons would never be caught doing that.

Fred: Yes, I'm sure you'd never be caught. Well thanks for your time and come back next time for more important interviews with Fred.


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