Fred: Welcome back loyal readers.  Today we're here with a Miss Tiffany Clarke, a Student at Sampson University in Pennsylvania in the good old USA. We're going to clear up some questions about Tiffany in connection with the “Secret of Santa Claus” incident.  If you haven't read the book yet and you are really sensitive about 'spoilers' you might want to quit reading this interview now.  Minor spoilers only though, I promise.  Well, Tiffany, Nice to chat with someone who knows what the Internet is for a change. 


Tiffany: It's nice to meet you as well, Fred.


Fred: Readers of “Tales of Tiberius: The Christmas Adventures  may wonder a bit about you.  Your an ordinary American Teenage Girl who seems to know people like Tiberius and Maci.  Can you tell us about that?


Tiffany: No.


Fred: No?  Why on earth not?


Tiffany:  I promised I wouldn't give any details away at the present time.  Let's just say the world doesn't need another scandal at a Pennsylvania University right now. 


Fred: I understand that a full transcript is being prepared through the usual channels, tentatively entitled the “Lord of the Dinosaurs” incident?


Tiffany: No comment.


Fred:  I'll take that as a  yes.  Ok, I won't press you for details on that incident just now.  But maybe you could just clarify some of the the connections with the “Secret of Santa Claus” incident.  I mean it's fair to say you met Maci before. 


Tiffany:  Obviously.    I guess I can say that I was selected as a student to go on a cruise.  As you may know it's possible to cruise from New York, or the 'old world' to the Anderheim or the fairy lands.  That's actually how the fairies got their in the first place.  If you read the old accounts you were tripping over fairies before, say, 500 A.D.  After that most of them seem to have moved to the Anderheim.  Mostly by boat.  It's a long story, but that's what we did.  Me and some other high school kids took a boat to the Anderheim.  Maci was on some mission of her own, found out about us and hitched a ride.  That's were I met  her.


Fred:  That's a boat.  You said you were teleported before in “The Secret of Santa Claus.”


Tiffany: Right, but not to the Anderheim.  That just happened as part of our adventures. 


Fred: What's it like being teleported?


Tiffany:  It's kind of like being on a waterslide.  I want to try again sometime, as the first time I was warned before it started but I didn't know how to land.  The second time I didn't know it was going to happen but I was able to land better.  It would be nice to start and finish calmly.  I guess the good news is nothing happened.  I've heard about some other long distant teleports and  there have been a few wardrobe malfunctions.  In that Cinderella 2.0 incident I gather her dress caught on fire. 


Fred:  Any tips in case any of our readers get accidently teleported somewhere?


Tiffany:  Yes, don't panic and try to keep oriented towards the tunnel with your feet in front of you. 


Fred: So you met Maci on a boat, had a few adventures on in the Anderheim and then got home somehow.  You've kept in touch since then?


Tiffany:  We can write letters.  I can't text her, at least not yet.  It's fun to write letters though. 


Fred:  What's it like for a normal person from America visiting the Anderheim?  Apart from the whole having adventures and people trying to kill you thing.


Tiffany: I've had some down time there.  It's a bit like being in a Renaissance fair.  Everything seems sort of medieval, but then you see something which just doesn't look quite right.  Someone's wearing a modern T-shirt or something.  I didn't notice the lack of electricity, mostly.  They have entertainment.  It's a little quieter and darker than living in Ohio.  You don't have music everywhere and they use natural light.  The food was good.  I thought we might have trouble with the water, but we didn't. 


Fred:  Well thanks for sort of clearing things up.  Hopefully we'll get that full account from the prequel out some time.  For now this is Fred signing out.