Fred the Elfling here once more. It's Halloween, so I guess it's a good time to talk about Witches. We've brought back Tiberius for a few words on the topic. Thanks for being with us today Tiberius.

Tiberius: My pleasure.

Fred: What exactly is a Witch anyway?

Tiberius: To some extent it depends on who you ask. In the Stewardship, we define a Witch (Warlock) as a woman (Man) who makes a pact with an demon in order to obtain supernatural powers. Demon in this case is further defined as a supernatural creature in allegiance with Satan.

Fred: And that's bad?

Tiberius: Yes, the act of making a pact with a demon is a violation of one of the ten commandments, i.e. thou shall have no other Gods before me. Also Satan and his minions are not nice people. It's not good to be mixed up with him.

Fred: to say the least. So is it against the law to be a Witch?

Tiberius: Not per se. Witch trials have a bad reputation and we have freedom of Religion in the Stewardship. So we actually have no penalty for being a Witch or Warlock. If you want to sell your own soul to the Devil, you can. But as a practical matter it never stops there. People use black magic to steal, and harm others. That's when I get involved. Being a Witch isn't illegal, but using Witchcraft for assault, murder, theft or sexual assault is.

Fred: Do you meet many “Good” or “White” Witches.

Tiberius: Those terms are not in common use around the Stewardship. I'm always aware that not everyone who calls themselves a “Witch” is doing anything wrong. I try and judge people on their actions

Fred: Halloween a busy time for you?

Tiberius: Some what. Not as much as you might think. We're generally on alert that night, but the serious bad guys know we're on alert then.

Fred: What's Halloween like in the Stewardship?

Tiberius: It is a holiday for most people and children, same as in most other places. People usually have parties, rather than going from door to door.

Fred: Well, thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

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