Fred the Elfling here once more and I am very pleased to announce today's interview. Especially since I was promised one of the true stars of the new book “Tales of Tiberius: The Christmas Adventures” by Richard J. Stuart. I understand our special surprise guest is pictured on the cover of the book. That could only mean one of two people. Tiberius the Magus, the noted wizard and dragon slayer, or Snowdrop the elfling. I have a particular fondness for elflings as I am an elfling and I would be honored to talk to my cousin again about his adventures. So lets move behind the curtain here and see who today's surprise guest is. <pushes the curtain aside>

Fred: I don't believe it....they sent the reindeer?

Leaper: <Nods>

Fred: This is ridiculous. This is a print interview. How am I supposed to interview a reindeer? You don't talk!

Leaper: <glares at Fred>

Fred: Sorry, nothing personal. I know you're a magic reindeer. I just thought they were sending someone who appears on the cover of the new book.

Leaper:<points to book cover>

Fred: Yes, ok, now that you mention it, you are also on the cover of the book. And I guess you've got as much right to be there as anyone. You are in two of the three stories, right?

Leaper: <nods>

Fred: There are three stories in the book. “Tales of Tiberius: The Christmas Adventures,” “A Gift for a Ghost,” and “The Secret of Santa Claus.” You're not in a “Gift for a Ghost.” Is that because you're afraid of ghosts?

Leaper: <Glares and shakes head. Then points hoof at calendar.>

Fred: Oh right, Gift for a Ghost is a prequel. You weren't born yet.

Leaper: <Nods.>

Fred: You do play a significant part in the other two stories. You have your own death defying escape and you lead a rescue mission.

Leaper: <Nods>

Fred: One last question. About this “Secret of Santa Claus” Is the secret that some of his “Reindeer” are really “Caribou” in disguise?

Leaper: <Shakes head emphatically no>

Fred: No, eh? Hmm. Well that was my guess. I think we'll just have to buy the book to learn the real secret. I'm guessing from Leaper's reaction that the real secret is something a lot more significant and a lot more useful.   Thanks for stopping by Leaper.  Hopefully next time we'll have a guest who can actually talk.

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