Fred the Elfling interviews Fred the Elfling


Fred: Who the heck is Fred the elfling and what have you got to do with the Tales of Tiberius?


Mr. Elfling: Iím a reporter that lives in the fairy lands.Iím going to talk to some of the people involved with the events depicted in the Tales of Tiberius and try and fill in a bit of the background for you.


Fred: What the heck is an elfling?

Mr. Elfling:A short elf.You must have noticed there is more than one kind of elf.Elfling is a technical term for the shorter type of elf, as distinguished from the taller wood elf.


Fred: Youíre a reporter?!

Mr. Elfling: We canít all make cookies, shoes, or be dentists.


Fred: Why you?

Mr. Elfling: Well, Mr. Stuart has done a remarkable job putting together the major events and stories.But someoneís got to be on the scene to ask the tough questions.



Fred: So youíre going to interview people connected with the Tales of Tiberius?How is that going to work exactly?You sit down with these people and tell them you want to do a brief interview with them for the internet?Isnít that going to raise a few eyebrows?Especially seeing as a computer would burst into magical flames if you tried to use one in the Anderheim?


Mr. Elfling: I wasnít actually going to mention the internet part.Iíll just tell people that itís for a magazine.The printing press was invented in 1436 over one hundred and fifty years before the founding of the Stewardship.Of course some people in the Stewardship have at least heard of the internet and computers.Wizards mostly.


Fred: Isnít this going to give away the story?I mean if youíre talking to someone, they must have lived though the novel, right?

Mr. Elfling: Not necessarily.Itís not beyond a bit of elf magic to interview a dead person.Odysseus did it, I donít see why I canít.Anyway Iím trying to ask questions you wouldnít typically have time for in a novel.Things like, whatís your favorite food, whatís the latest gossip, that sort of thing.


Fred: So youíre going to be sort of a Gossip columnist for the Stewardship?

Mr. Elfling: Right.As accurate as any other feature columnist youíve read.


Fred: So your column will be filled with inaccuracies, misquotes, out of context statements and the occasional outright lie?

Mr. Elfling: Hey! Look pal Iím a serious reporterÖ


Fred: Gosh thatís all the space we have for today.Check back next month for another fascinating interview.


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Artwork Copyright Theresa Flaherty 2011