Update 11/30/15

Cleaned up a few typos and some minor issues with Fred.  Also cleaned up a few minor issues relating to the new edition of Elvish Christmas. 

Update 11/19/15

Hmm it has been a while.  I think an update got lost somewhere.  No matter.  Obviously we're back and we have launched "Tales of Tiberius: The Christmas Adventures"  For those of you who own the earlier edition, yes this is more or less the same book.  The difference is I have a professional editor now and we've also added some illustrations.  It looks really nice now and we're free of certain embarrassing translation errors.   

Sorry about the delay.  Trouble with the day job.  The good news is that my first spy novel will be ready soon.  It's in the final editing phase now so expect it 1st quarter 2016 for sure.    Tales of Tiberius Dwarves and Demons is making progress, just slower than I'd like.  I did get a burst of inspiration this year, but it was in a completely unexpected direction.  Lets just say it involves Zombies and it is not Stewardship related.  

Update 04/10/14

A new interview with Fred today.  

Update 3/26/14

Thanks everyone!  Sales are still growing and we hit 150 sales today!  Also we have a new interview with Fred the Elfling today.  BTW hacking problems seem to be over for now.

Update 03/20/14

Good news - Bad news department.  Bad news is this site got hacked.  Someone was 'borrowing' it to launch an attack on someone else.  Grr.  I've taken the usual post hack precautions.

On the plus side sales are continuing to increase, clearly we're beyond friends and family at this point.  Please drop me a line if you have any questions for Fred to research.  (Fred doesn't answer serious questions, like who is going to die in the next novel.  He answers pop culture type questions like: What magazines are people reading in Vonaire these days, or what was on the menu at Henry's this week).

Speaking of questions, who found this book in Germany?  (I assume DE is Germany).  Glad to have you on board and I hope you like the book.  I'll have a new blog post on the Germany-Stewardship connection soon.  I do wonder how you found the book as it hasn't been translated.   

Update 3/14/14

First book trailer for Path of the Magi is live.  Also I fixed a couple of bugs in the "Saga" page.

Update 3/12/14

Good news, the Kindle edition is now available.  Supposedly if you buy the hard copy from Amazon, you get the Kindle version free.  

Update 02/28/14

Been a while, at least since I updated the news page.  Big news: Path of the Magi is now available.  Just the hardcopy for now.  Check back in a month if you just want the Kindle version.   

Update 12/12/12

A book trailer for An Elvish Christmas.

Update March 22 2012

Another new interview.

Update March 16, 2012

We're back!  New Interview with Fred

Update December 6th, 2011

Added a writing sample page.

Update December 5th, 2011

New interview with Tiffany.  Hard copy is theoretically available.  I'll make an announcement when I've actually seen a the final hardcopy.  Proof copy was ok, except for some minor issues with page numbers.  (Why did they switch fonts on me?).

Update November 30, 2011

New Index page. Moved the boxes up top. Waiting for the gallies on the hard copy.

Update November 22nd, 2011

Big news, the Kindle edition of "An Elvish Christmas and the Secret of Santa Claus is out!  New interview with Fred.  How to order updated!  Working on a 'critters' page, but not posted yet.

Update October 31

Updated Dramatis Personae page. New interview by Fred.

Update September 14th

Added Dramatis personae page

Update August 4th, 2011

New Artwork page added.

Update July 21, 2011

Back from a long trip.  Added a new interview by Fred.

Update May 23, 2011

Added a link to the new Video so that if you just have the website address you can find the video.

Update May 13th, 2011

Mostly housekeeping, Updated the index page and the how to order page.

Update May 5th, 2011

Huge update today! Big news! Tales of Tiberius: Cinderella 2.0 is now available as an ebook from Amazon.com.

Also we now have pictures of Fred! At least till my artist yells at me for jumping the gun. See the New Cinderella interview and the Fred interviews Fred.

Why this short story? I wanted to share something with you all as soon as possible. Cinderella 2.0 is a finished short story that doesn't impact too much on the Saga, so it was perfect to rush it out and test out some the technical issues in electronic publishing. (I still have some issues, like does this work on anything but the Kindle?)

The cover is a bit amateurish, but it will serve. You'll get prettier, more professional covers later. That's really the big delay on the novels at this point.

All that said, go buy a copy, it's only $0.99 and you won't regret it. I wasn't intending to have Tiberius run into “Cinderella” but one day I got to thinking about some of the technical issues of how a wizard would actually turn a pumpkin into coach, etc and the short story grew from there.

Update May 4th, 2011

FINALLY after about the 4th try the correct photo is now on the author page! Expect more updates soon.

Update April 26th, 2011

Added a link to the new Blog.  Fred assures me he has posed for his portrait and picture should be available soon.

Update April 15th , 2011

Added a section on money in honor of Tax day.

Update March 25th , 2011

Good news, the website is actually working now...mostly.  Still some issues with Firefox, but at least things are legible over there.  Chrome and IE work fine.   Anything else is untested at this time.  Adding the news page (you're reading it), other writings and contact information.    

Update March 10th 2011

We're Back!!!!!  After a long absence, the website is up and running again!  New stuff too!  Back from where  you ask?  Well it's a long story but there was going to be a book published back in 2004.  No worries, it's better now anyway.  This is a fresh start.  The only thing your missing is that I've removed some interviews with Fred that relate to later in the Tales.  They will be back some day. 

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