On Dragons

I’ve been watching the previews for Pete’s Dragon. I haven’t seen the film but it looks like the local police and or angry mob is going to try and kill this Dragon with shotguns. I have to wonder if anyone has explained to them what “Dragon” means. Especially a dragon that shows any signs of all of using magic. Elliot can turn invisible. So we are talking about a 10 ton wizard who can breath fire, is in all probability impervious to shot gun fire, except perhaps a direct hit by a shotgun slug and may be able to do things like summon warriors, throw lightning, do mind control, etc. And you want to go after him with the locals armed with shotguns?! Are you out of your mind?!?

Here is a tip. If you MUST try and kill a dragon (they are not all hostile), especially a magic using dragon, that is a job for the army, not the police. And by the army I mean ALL OF THE ARMY. Send every A-10 we have!!!! Be prepared to use nuclear weapons. Yes I mean it. This is a job for laser guided armor piercing missiles, not shotguns.

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