Read the spellbooks

Is it just me or does no one in Hollywood read the standard spell books? Of course I understand that when you have Magician’s in the story you need to be careful that they do not become so powerful as to remove all conflict. But there is a range between ‘pick a card’ and unlimited supernatural power. If your going to have magicians in your story, you might have some idea what they are capable of.

Case in point is the ‘battle of the bastards’ on Game of Thrones. Our heroes are attacking at 2000 vs 5000. Bad idea generally, but you might be able to pull that off if you’re good. Our heroes do have a problem, however. The Bad guys have hold of the Commander in Chief of the Good guys half brother. But our good guys have a witch available. What does she do about this? Nothing. She sits out the battle doing nada.

Excuse me but this seems like exactly the sort of situation that calls for a bit of magic. Teleport him out of the castle. Change shape so he can walk out or so that someone can walk in and rescue him. Weave a mist around him. Good grief, do something. Dramatically our hero could refuse her assistance because of the cost (human sacrifice?) But it would be nice if she offered.

I don’t mean to harp on “Game of Thrones,” it’s just the latest example. Nor does everyone need to cling to the same set of spells or limitations on spell casting, but some evidence you understand the basics would be nice. At the least sight illusions, hold person, and a basic fireball are classics. There are lots of examples in classical literature and historical sources. Do your homework gang.

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