The Prayer of Jabez experience.

Badly needing a new job, in addition to hitting the want ads, I decided to fire up my Prayer of Jabez DVD. Early on they suggested writing a ‘Prayer of Jabez’ journal. I can write, so I thought I would do that.
The good news is I have a new job and I got it exactly one month after starting the DVD journal. The bad news is it’s still a temp job and possibly very short term, but one day at a time.
My personal experience with the Prayer of Jabez is that it works…kind of… I’ve always found it helpful, just not very helpful. Other people seem to get a lot better results with this.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be thankful for. I thank God every day that I live in the USA , for example. I’m very grateful for the help in getting this current job. Still I can’t help feeling like a character in a 1930’s serial around chapter ten. Thank God I’ve escaped from certain death…again…for the tenth week in a row…yea, this is…great… It does beat the alternative, but could I have a word with the writer about NEXT weeks episode?!?

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